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Campari introduces to its customers,

A Liquid Space.


The objective for this project was to change the perception of people, from Campari being a product to Campari being an experience and to propose new ways of consuming Campari.



 Campari S.p.A


 Group Project



Research - Consumer

Behaviour Trend.


Campari is a drink of urban tribes, who are leading a “Liquid Modernity”. They lead a precarious lifestyle filled with uncertainties and haste. These tribes have to flow from one role to the other.


Design Proposal


Campari introduces to its customers, A Liquid Space. A being-space, to live liquid identities in a constructive way, savoring different downshifting experiences.
1. Place for true downshifting.
2. User centered experiences.
3. Providing a filtered perception of reality.
4. A ritual of disconnecting, cleansing and reconnecting.



  Brainstorming & Scenario Building      
  Inviting   Cleansing   Liquid space & Down shifting   User participation  

 The Space

  The Entrance   Welcoming Area   Changing Rooms    
  Cleansing Path   Lounge , Membrane cushions and Sitting wall with cushions   Lounge , Projection and light      
  Actors Map    
  Downshifting Cocoons Pebble Cushions     






Personalized & contain pockets to store

all the personal belongings.
Producer: Joshjakus


Material: Felt
Dimension: 700 x 450 mm


Material is 100% virgin wool, interior are made with Hypoallergic plysilicone fiber. Cushions are built around a structure in foam “Butlex” type. A French top quality production, that is environmentally-friendly (pure natural fabrics, the wool’s mineral tints are obtained without the use of any chemical dye), and this allows an astonishing comfort and lasting product.

Producer: Smarindesign, Livingstones



The container, realized with rotational moulding, has a double wall, Inside which a lamp is hosted. Therefore these element become a light presence in the Space. The top part is translucent. Through it is possible to See the downshifting tools housed inside the table.


Material: Container polypropylene, table Cap pmma.
Dimensions: Diameter 600 mm, height 400 Mm
Color: White
Producer: possible producers serralunga, persico

  Logistic Map    

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