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   Design Proposal   Project mentors:
Arc. Giulio Cappellini



Challenges: A project of “Ethic, Ethnic and Ecology”, for Cappellini, a avant garde, but traditional Italian furniture company. The objective of this project was to design a system by which Cappellini can work closely with Indian designers and craftsmen; using their inspirations, materials , techniques of production and possible sustainable solutions, for designing and manufacturing products and furniture in India.

   Brand Analysis      

Analysis of the Brand Cappellini to understand the true spirit of the brand, its products, its consumers and how they perceive the brand, production capabilities.

   Trend Analysis: Studying consumer and product trends.    













   Brand Positioning: Making a shift from Luxury Icons to Green Icons.    
   System Design: Cappellini + Designers + N.G.O.s + Craftsmen    

Creating a system by which different actors can work for a common goal.
One of the most important actors are the N.G.O.s who work as a bridge between Cappellini designers and the artisans. They also address concerns like, Homogeneity of products, Loss of local market for the artisans, and other ethical questions.











Designing a digital platform that can store all the information that the N.G.O.s in collaboration with the artisans will be uploading. This information on various crafts will be categorized in two categories, FACTS & PHILOSOPHY. The FACT section will store information pertaining to raw materials, tools, cost, process, time period etc. The PHILOSOPHY section will store information on the history of the craft, why it is practiced traditionally, reverence to everyday life, inspiration derived from the region and landscape etc. Using these information, Cappellini designers can derive new ideas and inspiration to design using similar materials and techniques.

   Product Example      

As a working example, a range of products where developed on the basis of the information collected for the Cultural Weaving Platform. One such example is this table, where the legs are designed in bronze, using a traditional handcrafted technique called DHOKRA. The textures on the legs are a trademark of this craft.



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