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    Project Mentors
Arc. Claudio Silvestrin
Arc. Guiliana Salmaso
Group Project
Sahil Bagga
Sarthak Sengupta
Chen Meihua
Selcuk Gullu
Selin Gulden
Politecnico di Milano, Engineering Campus, Bovisa Milan

The challenges for this project were-
1. How to integrate the existing campus of Bovisa from its present fragmented and disoriented state.
2. How to integrate the campus to the new and old residential buildings and shops that surrounds it.
3. How to induce more emotion into the campus, and encourage users to interact with the environment.





1. Creating a homogenous environment between the campus and the outside by breaking down the walls. The entire area was the oriented according to proposed landmarks which acted as poles.






The entrance acts as a welcoming area during the day. It is enhanced by water bodies and movable multicolored containers with POLIMI written on them. They serve as temporary shops and exhibition space. During the night, its used as a recreation area for the residents living near by. A melting pot of local population for recreation purpose due to food and drink stalls, shops, exhibition areas etc.




2. Creating a spontaneous and interactive environment by introducing playful elements like movable outdoor furniture, that can run on tracks that crisscross the entire area, acting as a visual connection.



3. Encouraging user interaction to the environment and alien use of space.




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