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Tulsi Table
Tulsi Table Sahil & Sarthak Handmade Brass Furniture  


Tulsi table draws its inspiration from the Tulsi Plant (Holy basil), the drop shapes are representative of the Tulsi leaves, and the circular forms are representing the seeds of the Tulsi Plants, both having spiritual significance in Indian culture. The unique and bold look of the table makes this piece a conversation starter. Technique used on table top is hammering beaten metal and chasing and repousse for leaves and seeds. The piece can be used as a side table and can also be used as an individual serving table for evening snacks.


Tulsi Table Sahil & Sarthak Handmade Brass Holy Basil


Code: SSTT01 Dimension:
  Dia 14 Inch x 20 / 25 Inch Height
  Dia 35 cm x 52 / 64 cm Height

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Sahil Sarthak Design Tulsi Table

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