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" buying our Katran Products WON't save the world, but it's a step towards the right direction"


Developed as part of the 'Zero Kilometer Design' concept, “The Katran Collection” has been our effort to weave ethics, ethnicity and ecology with the contemporary culture. Katran in Hindi means small pieces of left over colourful cloth which is the by-product of cloth mills. These same cloth pieces are collected by farmers during their off seasons, spun into ropes and sold for the purpose of weaving traditional Indian day beds. Our effort has been to use this same vibrant material in an innovative way to create a collection of contemporary furniture and lights that are sustainable and beautiful, having a Glocal (Global + Local) appeal. This chair is completely handmade and brought to life by the ethical interactions between various actors in the system.



The Katran Collection is available in various textures and colours which has been carefully catalogued by us, giving our customers the possibility to customize according to their taste and requirements. In fact none of the Katran furniture are absolutely alike due to their innate diversity of colours and textures, making each piece exclusive for their users. The Katran Collection has received overwhelming response in India and abroad and continues to be showcased at various international platform. This Katran Collection was awarded by Elle Décor India for the EDIDA 2011 design awards. A chair from the collection has been selected by Victoria & Albert Museum for a new museum of Funiture Design, and in 2017 another chair from the collection will be showcased in the Pure Gold Exhibition, a 10 year International travelling exhibition on Upcycling products.


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Few images of our Katran Products at our Client's Home

sahil Sarthak Limited Edition Katran painting Art
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