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Kalpataru The wishing Tree at V & A London Designed by Sahil & Sarthak
Kalpataru, London
The Pyramid OF the Sun
Pyramid of the Sun
Social Auto Project
Tijara Fort Hotel
Qutub Chandelier
The Park Kochi


The Indravan Hotel, IGNCA,New Delhi



If Delhi is the microcosm of India then The Qutub Minar is its iconic manifestation. Towering over its ever changing history and landscape, it reconfirms Delhi's status as a seat of power, epicentre of culture, knowledge institutions, trade and commerce.
Therefore we drew inspiration from this great architecture to create about 12 meters long metal installation chandelier which hangs in the central lobby of the hotel. This metal chandelier is completely hand crafted by artisans who traditionally work on beaten metal. Precession, function and aesthetics went hand in hand in creating this complex structure which was worked by these highly skilled craftsmen over a period of two months.


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