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Sarthak Sahil Design Co works across many areas of design, from furniture to products, graphics to brand consultancy, interiors & spatial design. We offer to our clients wholistic edesign solutions by synergising the various areas of design that is required for the project. Therefore our projects involve a large scale of customisation of products, furnishings and lighting solutions. This allows us to stay true to the core concept, enhance our narrative, suggest customer journey and generates a feeling of premiumization for our clients.



Our company provides design solutions and forms of innovation in a wholistic manner through the creative coordination of various aspects of the project such as products, spaces, communication, points of visibility, emotions and services.

We also provide the skills for the creative management and the knowledge of the overall production chain of the system, synchronizing all the different elements towards building an overall experience in a pragmatic form. We also create meta systems for our clients that can function even after the project is completed, yielding future business opportunities and brand building frameworks.


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