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We strongly believe that designing beautiful and functional products should be combined with efforts to save and preserve local traditions. These artisans play a major role in our system, we ensure that the relationship we share with them are that of exchange and mutual gain.


But less in terms of form or craftsmanship and more in terms of nostalgia and storytelling. We have also explored various tracks of sustainable development by comparing tradition to our contemporary times.


We want to offer our clients “Eco Iconic” products and experiences where by being eco friendly is not a compromise but a desire.


Our team isn’t aimed at following just the market taste but to anticipate demands and hidden wishes of a future society. This allows us to create meta systems, whose end product can be projects, strategies, or objects.




   Kalpataru The Wishing Tree by Sarthak and Sahil at the V&A, 2015 (c) Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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