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Lakshman Sagar Resort
Silversand Resort, Neil Island, Andaman & Nicobar Island
Silversand Resort, Neil Island
Havelock Silversand Thumb designed by Sahil & Sarthak
Silversand Resort, Havel Island
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Vaansa, Jim Corbette
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Lakshman Sagar Resort, Rajasthan

“Zero Kilometre Design”

Lakshman Sagar resort is perched at the banks of the picturesque Lakshman Sagar lake, near the quintessential Rajasthani village of Raipur. Although Raipur is primarily an agricultural community, due to the existence of the traditional “Jajmani” system, the village is quiet self-sufficient and has a number of skilled artisans who make a living by crafting everyday objects, farming tools and household utensils. The objective was to identify and source various skills, crafts and materials around Raipur region which then could be improvised and reinterpreted to suite the core concept of the project. Thus, making Raipur the epicentre, a thorough research was conducted in neighbouring cities and towns. This network stretched from Jodhpur to Jaitaran, Pali to Pushkar, Biawer to Ajmer.

The success of this project largely depended on the synchronization of various actors, who would otherwise be working in isolation depending on their individual interests. Regarding the choice of materials, an effort was made to use materials as local as possible and as sustainable as possible. Local materials already are best suited to the conditions of the region. Similarly the true essence of any craft is the story behind it, which has been used as inspirations by the designers, to design products that would narrate the similar stories but for a contemporary audience. Hence the entire series of furniture and products developed for Lakshman Sagar resort imbibes the true sense of design, tradition, ecology, ethics and a contemporary culture.


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