The Kasavu pendants have been designed as ensemble of 72 different units forming an eighteen meter high hanging installation for the two atriums of an upcoming 5 star Hotel, The Park Kochi, Kerala, India. These pendants are inspired by the attires of the traditional “Mohiniyattam” dancers, a 16th century dance form of Kerala still practiced today. The word Kasavu means the attire of the dancers. These palm leaf shaped pendants are individually hand crafted in brass with hand woven colorful glass bead embellishments. There are 8 individual designs and each design has three different colours. The beads are placed on the outside in half of the pieces, and on the inside in the other half. The pendants are individually 910 mm in diameter and 613 mm in height approximately. An ensemble of 72 such pieces will be installed in a crescendo pattern reflected across the back wall. The pendants swing and turn slowly in the air resembling the dancers.


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