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Kalpataru Wall Art by Sahil & Sarthak  





This wall installation is inspired by the"Kalpataru" a wish-fulfilling divine tree in Indian mythology.

This piece celebrates the concept of nature and culture, brought to life by the exquisite skills and craftsmanship of traditional silversmiths and filigree master artisans.

The outer frame is inspired by the shape of a "Tulsi" leaf (Holy Basil Leaf), encompassing the elaborate foliage of chaised floral motifs and ivy patterns, crafted in antique brass, brushed copper and green patina. On a closer look, one can discover deeper cultural nuances, for example the concept of "Shubh Labh" (Auspiciousness & Prosperity), depicted by holy symbols (like the lotus) representing the Devine Trinity of "Ganesha" (God of Fortune), "Lakshmi" (Goddess of Wealth) & "Saraswati" (Goddess of Knowledge).

The piece also has the provision to accommodate cove lights, making it a functional wall covering.




  Product Code SSKWA01
  Dimensions 58 x 22 inch
    147x 56 cm
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Kalpataru Art & Mirrors by Sahil & Sarthak



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