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As designers we believe that the furniture & products that we use are an extension of who we are. Therefore, it is important to narrate our human stories through our furniture & products. Each piece of our collection has been designed and crafted with lot of love and a great sense of purpose. Our motto is to bring our audience in contact with distant realities such as where this product is made, who is making them for us and what memories inspired its genesis in the first place. In doing so, values such as Ethics, Ecology and sustainable development becomes coherent to the way we design and create products.

Choose from a vast range of handmade products, created out of diverse techniques and material choices such as metal, wood and recycled fabrics. We offer customization of our products for our customers as per their requirements.

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Kalpataru MirrorsKalpataru MirrorsSunflower Mirror Big by Sahil & SarthakSunflower Mirror Big by Sahil & Sarthak
Tulsi Mirror - All Copper - By sahil & sarthakTulsi Mirror - All Copper - By sahil & sarthakTulsi Mirror - All Copper - By sahil & sarthakTulsi Mirror - All Copper - By sahil & sarthak
Lotus Copper Door HandlesChampa Gold Door HandlesChampa Brass Antiquw Door HandlesChampa Copper Door HandlesLotus Brass Antique Door Handles
Dwarpal Door Handle 1 - by Sahil & Sarthak - Dhokra Samudra Door Handle - by Sahil & Sarthak - Dhokra Tree Trunk Door Handle by Sahil & Sarthak
Marigold Platter 01 by Sahil & SarthaMarigold Platter 01 by Sahil & SarthaMarigold Platter 01 by Sahil & Sartha
Lotus Leaf Multi Level Lotus flower T light
Lotus Flower Centre Piece Lotus Leaf Centre Piece Multi Level Lotus Flower Centre Piece
T Light Abundance Collection Lotus Flower & Leaf Lotus Flower T Light Lotus Flower Wall Decor
Lotus Leaf T Light Lotus Flower T Light Wall Decor Lotus Leaf & Flower
Gulmohar Platter Sahil Sarthak Mango Platter Gaint Lotus Leaf Trays
Gulmohar Platter Mango Platter Giant Lotus Leaf Tray
Dhalia Flower T Light Hibiscus Flower T light Trivet Small
Dhalia Flower T Light Hibiscus Flower T Light Lotus Leaf Trivet
Bengal-T-Lights Karnataka T Lights Mangrove T Light
Bengal T Light Karnataka T Light Mangrove T Light
Lac T Light Big Lac T Light Small Rudraksha T Lights
Lac Candle Stand Big Lac Candle Stand Small Rudraksha T Lights & Potpourri Holder
Magia Nera Collection    
Magia Nera T Pot Collection Multi Spout Vase 01 Sahil Sarthak Multi Spout Vase
Duck with Ducklings Multi Spout Vase - Modular Multi Spout Vase - Modular - Limited Edition
3 spout Vase Small 3 Spout Vase Limited Edition Gold leafing Small Modular 3 spout Vase
Tri-Spout Vase - Modular Small Tri-Spout Vase - Modular Small Tri-Spout Vase - Modular - Limited Edition
Saturn Bowl Sahil Sarthak Fruit Bowl Sahil Sarthak Multiple Bowl Tray
Saturn Bowl Fruit Tray - Tic Tac Toe Multiple Bowl Candle, T Light & Potpourri Holder
Long Pi Bird Collection    
Longpi Bird Magia Nera Collection Cooing Bird Long Pi Bird Pair.jpg Wall Birds
Nesting Bird Flower Vase Cooing Bird T Light Cooing Bird Wall T Lights
Long Pi Wall Pockets    
Wall Pocket Cup Wall Pocket Jar Wall Pocket Jar
Wall Pocket - Cup Wall Pocket - Jar Wall Pocket - Pot
Pear Drop Collection    
Long Pi Olive & Tooth Pick Holder Sahil Sarthak Long Pi Pear Drop Pen Stand Long Pi Pear Drop Vase
Olive & Tooth Pick Holder Pen Stand Bud Vase & T Light Holder
Pakhi Collection    
Pakhi Platters sahil Sarthak Pakhi Collection product.html Pakhi Platters sahil Sarthak
Falcon Love Birds Tree of Life
Katran Home Decor Accessories    
Katran MirrorsKatran Mirrors Katran Cushions Floor-cushion New Sahil SArthak Katran
Katran Mirrors Katran Cushion Covers Katran Floor Cushions
Jewellery Design    
Jewellery by Sahil & Sarthak
Marwar Collection    
Marwar Collection Letter Box  

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